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Established in 2012, we are honored to welcome you to Tappi Sushi & Grill. Our menu is committed to sourcing the finest ingredients and seasonal produce of the day to ensure guests a memorable culinary adventure


Tappi Sushi is named after Cape Tappi, which is the northern most point of the Tsugaru peninsula. The name, Tappi, which literally means “as dragon flies”, was named after the strong winds that blow in the area, just as if a dragon flew. Near the lighthouse, there are stone monuments for various prominent figures with connection to Tsugaru such as Osamu Dazai and Shoin Yoshida.

Eating Sushi
Holding a Sushi Roll


A modern Japanese restaurant situated in San Diego County.  The restaurant serves authentic  Japanese cuisine with a modern taste and creative culinary style. The restaurant offers seating at the sushi bar and private tables within the main restaurant.

Tappi is home to the art of delicious Japanese dining.

It’s not just the taste. It’s the culture.

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